This blog is about the Enduramoms of the world, more so than me. My job here is researcher, cheerleader, reporter, and well, being one too. Anyways, here's a little info on me and how I accidentally became a triathlete.

     I'm one of many that grew up watching THE Ironman World Championship on NBC each and every fall ... since I was about 11-ish, by my memory, at least (caution! I can give you a 2 hour speech on why the Ironman is so amazing at the drop of a hat).  I grew up loving the 3 disciplines naturally (swimming, biking, and running) as hobbies or normal workouts, but I never thought I'd actually ever do a TRI until I got an opportunity to volunteer for the now defunct Duke Iron Devil race, circa 2003-04.  I was only registered to volunteer for the early morning portion of the race, but ended up staying to see the last runner come in around midnight--he was over 70 years old.  I lost my voice that day from talking and cheering incessantly, but gained OH so much more.  The strength and focus of the varied race participants lit a fire in me to get off the sidelines and to get into the race.  I was befriended by a fellow volunteer (one I refer to as an earth angel) at this particular race who turned out to be super inspirational--she encouraged me--who me?-- yes, to train and just do a triathlon...(it honestly never occurred to me that I would ever participate in a TRI or Ironman at that point in my life).  I was under the ridiculous impression that I needed to show up for training already in perfect shape.  We talked for hours that day.  Prior to this event, I thought all runners had to be short, under 90 lbs, and crazy driven people (well, I was partly right heehee). WrongMy running had/has never been "great", as an adult, so I knew my first step was to sign up for a ‘Women's Learn to Run a 5K in 10 Weeks' workshop sponsored by the North Carolina RoadRunners.  Ten weeks later I completed the workshop, the 5K goal race, and loved the whole experience!  The program integrated training with weekly workshops on nutrition and sports, tons of support, and I survived training runs in 90%+ humidity that fall.  The NCRR coaches told me (and others) to buy a better sports bra (LOL) and I gave some kind of heartfelt speech at the group graduation dinner that made some folks cry (myself included).  It was an amazing sense of accomplishment and a turning point in my life.  Did I win my big 5K race? Of course not, but I wasn't last and I finished.  Those were my goals.  I began following a triathlon training plan shortly thereafter with a free plan from  I participated in many more 5K's after that, gradually improving, week after week.  Then came a 5K where I felt like I just couldn't breathe -- no matter what, my times started to slip in all 3 disciplines too.  I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Overtraining? Maybe my new sports bra was too tight? No, it wasn't the sports bra, not cold temps, mommyhood was upon me. Tough training was shelved until after baby arrived, etc., but my goal was not out of sight.  I did what exercise I could and my triathlon plans took a temporary back seat.  Running soon became walking.  I took prenatal classes in water aerobics and yoga instead of brick workouts.  I was bummed to have to stop training after getting into such a great training routine, but my mantra became "my triathlon plans aren't dead, they're just delayed".  Along came a BOB STROLLER, a great gym membership, and I was back in the game with babykins in tow.  With the help of a great coach (a great story for another post), I completed my first sprint distance triathlon on a ridiculously hot July day ... insanely hot + humid (the heat index was over 105 degrees!), I was not properly hydrated, my run wasn't what I'd dreamt, but I finished the race and had the time of my life!  Hooked ever since- I love this sport.  I cried as I finished, but I was too dehydrated to form tears.  I had a dry heave version of crying instead.  My parents feared I would pass out or hurl, but I was simply very emotional and happy. 
Someday, though, it will be Kona.  I must do Kona... preferably in 12hrs or less :) Anyways... I love this sport, its heart, and its people; I've never met nicer people anywhere.  Triathlon has this heart and an amazing support network, and you can't say that about all sports. I love my running events too, but runners and triathletes are different.  Did I mention I had the time of my life doing my first race? I felt like a 12 yr old again... I feel like that 12 yr old every time I get on my bike and ride.
I think this sport is what I was meant to do as an adult (and or would have been great at in high school if I had known more about it then)... Why? Let's see...growing up:  I was always the last kid out of the pool... a total fish... even if it was cold and my lips were turning blue... I didn't want to get out and usually had to be pulled out by my parents or babysitter; we ran sprint races at recess incessantly in grade school… and I often won… and had a blast; and finally... I was so thrilled to be mobile as a kid, I actually wore the wheels off of my first ‘big wheel’-- they didn't make replacement wheels then so my parent’s bought me a 2nd ‘big wheel’; as an older kid, I rode my bike so much, I wore the tire treads off of my bike tires, somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd grade era… and my dad had to go on a hunt for replacement tires. 

So… there’s my story.  I want to be a guide to usher others into the sport of triathlon and endurance running.  It's a little more challenging to get the job done when you have children, but it is not impossible. We just have to get more creative and utilize our friend/family networks.  Not only does the sport build better Enduramoms, it builds us into tough as nails role models.  Good health habits have a way of spilling over to all we know.  Often our children swim, bike, or run with us. 
What is an Enduramom? We are Moms who swim-bike-run triathlons, love their long runs, and put hours into training while being super moms! Doing more in 24! Our passion for the sport of triathlon and endurance running spills over into all aspects of our being, lifestyle, and enriches every corner of our world. At the end of every long swim, run, or race, we find that we're not only better moms for having accomplished a goal... we're better for even attempting the challenge.

We've got a name ... let the Enduramom's REVOLUTION begin.

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